Final Post

My viewpoint of social media has not changed in the sense that I am not that crazy about it, in general, and probably will never use it for my personal life. I took this class because I know having a successful online business requires a strong social media presence. I imagined posting the obligatory recipes on Facebook and trying to come up with interesting tweets to connect with colleagues. In that sense, my viewpoint has changed.

What changed for me is that I found I really enjoy blogging! I plan to use it as my main form of social media. I like the fact that I can use it like writing mini research papers, thus contributing something more meaningful to my audience.

I also like the opportunity to network with other people in my industry on twitter and linkedin. The linkedin groups are especially appealing to me since my business is online and I won't have networking opportunities.

I definitely have a better understanding of how to use social media to develop a business. I will i…

Week 16: Second Post

This week I commented on the following blogs:

Cassandra Stewart
Jesus Farius
Andrea Esquivel

Week 16: First Post

As someone who does does not use social media in their personal life, this class was incredibly challenging. Just setting up the various accounts was a struggle. Fortunately, I was able to figure out enough to be able to try out the major platforms. I'm still not comfortable using them but I'm hoping that will come with time and practice. I enjoyed blogging the most. It is the one platform I feel suites my personality and will integrate best with my online nutrition practice. It will provide me the opportunity to present timely and helpful material to my audience.It works well for a variety of topics from research articles to recipes to product reviews.
In addition to blogging, I plan to use email newsletter marketing. It will be a good way for me to keep in touch with my followers. I can announce blog posts and updates as well as provide helpful content like client success stories, meal planning tips and interviews with other practitioners. 
I know having an online business wil…

Week 15B: Google Analytics

I am using Aztec Brewing's data since I did not have enough likes to run my own- so sad! :(

Page Views:

Allows you to see who viewed your page by gender and location. You could use this data to determine if you are reaching your desired demographic. Not surprisingly, it would appear men aged 25-34 comprise the majority of the audience. At least for that week! Most are from San Diego and Vista. Knowing this allows you to either continue with your current strategy or change it based on desired demo.


This feature shows you what was liked, commented on and shared. This gives you the ability to analyze trends or each post individually for effectiveness. You can see which type of posts are creating the most activity and capitalize on that.

Page Follows:

Here you can see who followed you from where.

Post Reach:

The number of people who viewed a post from your page. Here you can break it down by location, age, gender, and device. It looks as though, for this time period, more p…

Week 15A: Google Analytics

The purpose of my Facebook business page is to create an audience for my online nutrition practice. Ideally this audience would be comprised of individuals interested in natural healing, gut health, and living well with autoimmunity. I would like to use my Facebook page as a meeting place for like-minded individuals to gather for information, support, and a sense of community. I feel like once that goal is reached, it will be more easier for me to convert followers to clients.

With that goal in mind, I will first focus on building an engaged community. In order to do that I will need content that is well-received and effective and I will need that content to reach the right people. Using some of Google Analytics features will help me determine the effect my posts are having on my followers. Page views, page follows and reactions are the features I think would be the most beneficial to my goal. With these I can see who is viewing my page and what they are doing while there.


Week 14: Facebook Ad

For this week's assignment I created three similar ads with different objectives. Objectives in this instance refer to the point of the ad. When you know the specific point of your ad, you can then test it and measure it's success.

The objective of the first ad was to bring awareness to my business and increase engagement on my page. I tried to create interest with a pic of a delicious-looking dessert, then keep the audience's interest with an offer of a free cookbook when they sign up for my newsletter. This cookbook specific for people following an AIP or SIBO specific protocol. The ad targets women, aged 30-65+

The objective of the second ad was to capture email for my newsletter. Since I am a brand new business, it makes sense to build a list of subscribers I can market to as my business grows. I also think email marketing will be effective for me since people who are interested in gut health and autoimmune wellness are usually interested in the topics I will be cover…

Week 13 Part 2: Online Advertising

The purpose of this post is to review the different types of Facebook ads and determine which would be most effective for my business. I will also describe how to best design and implement ads for Facebook using the principles of good design.

I will begin by describing the main types of Facebook ads which I have divided into three categories; Traffic and leads for your website, Sales and Leads for your product or service, and Likes and engagement for your page.

Traffic and Leads for Your Website These are the types of ads that help drive traffic to your website. This can be either to send users to a page and have them buy something, sign up for your newsletter or some other type of lead generation. Since I am a brand new business, this type of ad makes the most since for me and my current goal of creating an audience.
Link Click Ads
This ad type helps to promote your website and send people to your landing pages or blog posts. You can use Link Click Ads with several placements; this al…